About Us

We are customer centric and pride ourselves on a reputation built around long-term relationships and commitment to premium quality.

The Edge Development Group is an integrated builder and developer specialising in multi-residential projects with a focus on builds in superior locations, typically Bayside.

Founded by Cieran Kayes an accredited residential and commercial builder with over 25 years’ experience. Cieran is a passionate developer with a straightforward approach. Committed to delivering projects focused on design, premium quality, lifestyle and the way people live.

We are client focused and take a very hands-on approach with every project, from the initial design process, sales and marketing, client engagement – right through to construction and the final delivery of a premium property to the client.

The team

With an in-house approach, our people are property professionals with their own specialisation.

The Edge Development Group has assembled a diverse group of talent which provides flexibility and the ability to deliver a tailored, personal approach to client service and customisation on each project.

Led by our managing director and builder, Cieran Kayes, the Group’s talent range is diverse. From an in-house design team consisting of architects; construction manager and master builders; interior designer; craftspeople; town planner & operations manager; sales & marketing manager; owners corporation manager; leasing manager and a financial controller.

We also have strong, on-going relationships with specialised contractors.

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